Circle of Friends


Labyrinth, Isle of Iona

If it is not possible to finance your vocational training with the support of your parents or a scholarship and if, for whatever reason, you do not qualify for a loan from the Iona Stichting, you can consider to start a Circle of Friends.

What do you do?

A Circle of Friends is a group of benefactors (family, friends and acquaintances). By means of a letter you approach people and/or organizations known to you with a request for financial support. In your letter you will, of course, describe your motivations and the aim of your training and you will promise to report to your benefactors once a year about your progress.

Although this is not an easy step to take, we have experienced that the student feels very much encouraged by his or her Circle of Friends.

The donations can be administrated by the Iona Stichting. We will pass the gifts in full to the student and the gift is tax deductible, but only for Dutch tax payers who own a bank account in the Netherlands.

If you want to start a  a circle of Friends in co-operation with the Iona Stichting. Please contact the office for more information.