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M´╗┐aking paths visible. Image: Wassily Kandinsky

From January 1st 2017 onwards the Iona Foundation will stop her financial support for book publications.

We value projects that contribute to the quality of our society and believe that there is a need for new bonds with nature; a colorful society and spiritual values. When we consider an application we look for creativity and decisiveness. We do not have a fixed budget for the different categories. If, to our mind, a project has a high priority and we do not have sufficient means ourselves, we will try to approach private donators or associate foundations to acquire the necessary funding.

We do support projects all over the world. But in countries outside Europe only when we have sufficient trustworthy contacts known to us who can assess the project.

Practical information

We kindly ask you to give us practical information about your organisation and the project in this document. Furthermore we would like to receive:
A project description of, preferably, not more than 4 A4, in which we would like to read what you ideal is; who will benefit; who will execute the project and what your approach will be.
• If they exist, a copy of the official deeds of your foundation or organisation;
Financial information: please send us an estimation of the costs. We would like to know the following: what will be the income; what are your own resources; did you require and receive financial help from other organizations and how much support do you require from the Iona Stichting?
It is important for us to know whether the initiator creates a coherence between the ideal; those who will benefit;  the approach and the financial plan. And of course there is the question whether your project fits within the aims of the Iona Foundation. When you are in doubt, you can contact Frouke Flieringa at our office on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Each application should carry the signature of the initiator(s) and, if a legal body is involved, should be signed by the treasurer as well. Without these signatures the project cannot be taken into consideration.

The Iona Stichting endorses the Earth Charter and applications we receive will be held up to its light.

The director decides which applications will be dealt with in our monthly board meetings. Look here for the data.
Only complete applications that have reached the office at least 14 days before the date of a board meeting can be put on the agenda. Be sure to send us your request in time. Also we do not finance projects that have already taken place.

Requests for support can be sent by email, (the attachment will not exceed 1 MB) or by post.
NB! Because of the amount of applications we receive we do not send a confirmation of receipt. We will however try to inform you about our decision as soon as possible.

If you have further questions, please contact the office.