Without sowing you can't harvest. Image: Vincent van Gogh

The Iona Stichting cannot exist without donors. Their gifts and legacies are the most essential part of our capital. Donating has substantial, human and technical aspects. The human dimension is the core: taking care of the interpersonal space  where a bond of trust can be formed. This is important for our work as mediators and granters of support. We experience daily what the power of trust can mean for those who ask for support. It gives them wings.

Insight is the substantial dimension. Donating is an act of free will, when understanding and a warm heart go together. It is good to discuss the various aspects of a large donation with an experienced and expert organization.
The technical dimension comes into question when large numbers of grants and applications are  considered.

There are several ways to support us:


If you would like to support the work of the Iona Stichting or specific projects that fit within the aims of our foundation this is always possible. We pass on your donations free of charge. Read more.

(Periodic) donations

If you consider structural support you can consider a periodical gift. For this a notary deed is necessary. Read more.

Testaments and legacies

Private persons can bequeath a legacy or inheritance to the Iona Stichting, either with a specific project in mind or to support the general work of the foundation. Read more.

Personal fund

You can start a personal fund for a specific goal and place it with the Iona Stichting. Read more.

Fiscal aspects

For people who pay tax in the Netherlands it is relevant to know that the Iona Stichting is earmarked as an organization for the common good, in the Netherlands called an ANBI foundation. Read more.