Annual Meeting 2014


The Annual Meeting of the Iona Foundation took place on March 21st in the 'Nieuwe Liefde 'in Amsterdam.

The Annual Report 2013 was presented and three projects were invited to present their work .

Kunst met Plezier (Art with Pleasure) - by Maud de Leeuw
The project 'A suitcase of my heart' offers people with intellectual disabilities poetic and expressive means to show others what moves them. 

Smart Beeing - by Rudolf van Aalderen
Smart Beeing is a foundation, committed to the preservation and strengthening of bees.
Smart Beeing improves the environment and biodiversity  to serve the bees and developed unique bee hives.

The inside of blue  - a doctoral research by Wil Uitgeest
Wil Uitgeest discussed her thesis  'Afraid of red, yellow and blue? Goethe, Merleau-Ponty and phenomenological colour research.'

During the gathering, lustre was added by the philosopher/magician Tilman Andris; the pianist Eva Szalai and the Eurythmist Franziska Knetsch