Education, Wealth of Tomorrow


On Thursday September 19th four authorities on education had a public debate about education: Education; wealth of tomorrow. What kind of education does modern society require? Do we live up to this? Who takes the responsibility?

How can we achieve an education that is more open, more motivating and that has better results? Following the discussion there will be an interaction with a circle of managers and policymakers.


Education is under a serious threat. More and more it is rendered infantile and the perspective of responsibility is reduced. Dangerous, in a domain that is of vital importance for our future society.

Education is designed according to rules and programs, or so it seems, which teachers are expected to follow.  But ecuation is not a makeable utensil. Relations, motivation, learning processes, a good atmosphere and safety are qualities of existence. Teachers are well aware of this and  it is no wonder that they resist the constant demand for higher grades.

Purpose of the evening

We expect that this discussion about education will bring new tools and fresh ideas. That the challenges we are faced with will be defined.