Iona Platform for Migration and Waldorf schools


After a Waldorf- and social pedagogy meeting in Berlin, where aid for migrants was one of the themes, the Iona Stichting founded a platform to stimulate schools and organisations in the Netherlands to develop projects and to take action. A group of fifteen concerned participants meets regularly, under the guidance of Marie José van Schaik, a former Waldorf School pupil who has a lot of experience in working with migrants, both on a national and an international level.
The platform is meant to connect; it offers the possibility to exchange experience and to strengthen and inspire. Until now the platform funded 8 projects, with a total amount of € 24.000,-.

The Iona Migration Platform is open for initiators of actual projects that support migrants.

Within the framework of the Iona-50 years jubilee in 2016 we received various earmarked gifts for the platform projects. 

For questions concerning the platform, please contact our e-mail

Adriaan Roland Holst School – a school camp on the island of Texel for the language class for migrant children.