November 11th 2017 Symposium


On Saturday November 11th 2017 the Iona Stichting organized a symposium with Tho Ha Vinh, Gerald Häfner and Klaas van Egmond in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam.

morning session 10.30 – 13.00 hrs

The Art of doing what really matters  - Creating a sustainable civilization

1917: Mondriaan and contemporary artists were convinced that the world needed to be redesigned.
Nowadays again the balance seems lost and we have become detached from the world as a whole. We need to reconnect with ecological (Planet) social (People) and spiritual (Purpose) matters. How can this be done?

Together with creative minds like Tho HaVinh, director of the Bhutan Centre for Gross National Happiness; Gerald Häfner, co-founder of Die Grünen (The Green Party in Germany) and Democracy International and former member of the European Parliament
and Klaas van Egmond, member of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute and former crown-member of Social Economic Council in the Netherlands, we search for the desired new balance. What needs to be done? What can be my role in this?


Afternoon session 14.30 – 17.00 hrs

The European civilization between East and West - The future of democracy

We hear a lot about civil power and human dignity. Party politics seem to be less effective, but small citizen initiatives can help us to create a meaningful future. What binds us? Is there an ethical compass that can help our civil voice to become more social, transparent and sustainable? What needs to be done? What can be my role in this?

Together with Tho Ha Vinh, Gerald Häfner and Klaas van Egmond, we will have an inspired look at the responsible role of every European Citizen. What role do we want to play for our human family worldwide?

To inspire you:
Tho Ha Vinh

Gerald Häfner

Klaas van Egmond

To enroll:
Early Bird - enter till november 1st, fee will be €17,50 per session or €30, - for two sessions

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NB After November 1st: fees €25,- per session or €40,- 2 sessions