Symposium 'Changing the All-day into Art'


As part of the exhibition 'Rudolf Steiner – Alchemy of the All-day’ in the Kunsthal Rotterdam the Iona Stichting organises a symposium on Monday November 17th 2014:

The transformation of the all-day into art

The day-to-day reality of our lives is full of ideas and initiatives that determine the quality of our society.  The cohesion between individual and the world; spirit and matter; thinking and doing  appears when people live their all-day lives attentively and feelingly. With anthroposophy
Rudolf Steiner offered new perspectives and connections. But he also wanted to address the ability of the individual to use those perspectives and connections in a creative way, so that theory and practise; knowledge and skill could be transformed into art.
Often enough actual social issues were the starting point for renewal of, for example, medicine, education and agriculture. And because our society keeps changing this necessity for renewal is never ending. Being constantly in motion it appeals to the creative abilities of us all.
On the day of the symposium we want to place the diversity, as shown in the exhibition, in the actual context of the Netherlands society of today.
Though the language will be Dutch you are very welcome to participate in the event, which will take place on Monday the 17th of November in Museum De Kunsthal in Rotterdam.
The entry fee is € 25,-. You can apply for a ticket until November 14th. by email


10:00 Entry, coffee and tea in the Kunsthalcafé
10:30 Opening by the Boilerhouse-project group:  Laura Vink, Michaela Bekman and Loriana Favro in co-operation with Désanne van Brederode
10:40 Welcome and introduction by  Désanne van Brederode
11:00 Rudolf Steiner, Alchemy of the Everyday by Walter Kugler
11:45 1st  round of ‘experiencing the exhibition’ (explanation Ignaz Anderson)
12:30 Lunch; space for open initiative and 2nd  round of ‘experiencing the exhibition’ (Kunsthalcafé and conference hall)
14:00 The transformation of colour, movement and language by Wil Uitgeest, Gia van den Akker and Roel Munniks
14:30  About art obtaining a voice by Christine Gruwez
15:00 How to listen to matter in order to know how it wants to be handled (a conversation about dealing with an onion between George Maissan (doctor), Claudy Jongstra, (artist) and
Derk Klein Bramel (farmer)
15:30 Tea break (Kunsthalcafé)
16:00 The transformation of the everyday;  a world in transition by Klaas van Egmond
16:20 End stage with Gia van den Akker
16:30 Talk afterward in the Kunsthalcafé with drinks and snacks

Experiencing the exhibition will be accompanied by: a philosopher; a doctor; a teacher; a farmer;
a therapist; a designer; an actor; an eurythmist; an art historian; an architect; a journalist; a painter;
a sculptor; a musician; a book dealer and a lawyer.

Gia van den Akker; Marty Bax; Reinoud van Bemmelen; Edward de Boer;  Herman Boswijk; Désanne van Brederode; Rik ten Cate; Lili Chavannes; Michiel ter Horst; Claudy Jongstra; Derk Klein Bramel; George Maissan;  Paul van Panhuys, ; Pieter van der Ree; Jaap Sijmons; Merlijn Trouw; Wil Uitgeest; Christof Wiechert en Jos Willemse.