General Board

From left to right: 1st row: Edward de Boer, Ignaz Anderson, Selma Steenhuisen, 2nd row: Clarine Campagne, Désanne van Brederode, Eleonore Sijmons, Jan Huisman, 3rd row: Maarten Roest Crollius,  Dolf van Aalderen, Michiel ter Horst.
The board consists of a Daily Board and a General Board. The DB members meet in principle once a month and the GB meets four times a year. Members of the DB are also member of the GB. 

Daily Board

Chair- Edward de Boer
Edward is fascinated by dynamics within organisations. He works at the interface of organisation development, education and professional schooling. In this framework he counsels organisations and teams in the Netherlands and abroad. Edward specialises in the theme: intuition, leadership and decision taking. In this field he does research and regularly performs as a keynote speaker.

Secretary - Clarine Campagne
Clarine works at the Bernard Lievegoed University, a school for personal development. Anthroposophy is an important theme in her life. Sheis project leader for the Iona initiative Anthroposophy and Society.

Treasurer - Jan Huisman
Jan works as a management consultant at Hasper en van der Torn. An important factor in his work is the connection between personal development and organizational development. He is project leader for the Iona initiative Sustainable Health Care.

General Board

Maarten Roest Crollius
Maarten works at the de Waldorf School Kennemerland / Kleverpark. His work and his board membership of the Iona Stichting are in line with his ideals: the individual development of mankind and the creation of space for growth.

Selma Steenhuisen
Selma works on the interface of social entrepreneurship and education.  She teaches,  likes to develop new ways of teaching and wants to inspire young people to contribute to a sustainable future. For her the Iona Stichting is the ideal place to keep a finger on the pulse of initiatives concerning social renewal and collaboration.

Eleonore Sijmons
Eleonore works as supervisor in the financial sector. Before that she was a lawyer. She feels connected with the visual arts and sees the Iona Foundation as a vital link between people who, in various ways, desire to contribute to positive developments in society.

Honorary board members

Dolf van Aalderen
For 30 years he was director of the Iona Stichting. Because of his great merit for the foundation he was appointed honorary board member. Dolf was always inspired by applications and initiatives. The intense collaboration and shared commitment to people who want to achieve something good has stimulated him all these years.

Michiel ter Horst
Michiel has been a board member since 1975 and was chairman from 1997-2013. He considers the Iona Stichting as a connecting theme in his life, because of the heartfelt bonds with people with whom he may cooperate in and through the foundation.
After his formal leave as chairman in March 2013 Michiel was invited to become a honorary board member.


Ignaz Anderson - (see office)

Dates of board meetings.

If you would like to contact one of the board members you can do this through the office.