capital and management


Sowing future together. Image: Camille Pissarro

In the course of time a basic capital was built up and maintained in such a way that the office costs can be financed with the profits. To guarantee our independence and continuity we keep looking for earmarked donations and legacies.

Yearly income

Our yearly income consists of two components: donations which the board can dispose of to its own findings and income from invested capital, as far as this is not allocated to the endowment funds.


Our investment policy is to research constantly which forms fit the aims of the foundation.
The board of the foundation has established an investment charter in which was chosen for a progressive course with regard to investing in green, sustainable and socially sound business enterprises.

The board has placed the implementation of the investment policy in the hands of an external asset manager, Double Dividend, and has assigned a supervising financial committee, consisting of the chairman, the treasurer and the director. This committee watches over the compound of the portfolio and periodically evaluates the achievements of the asset manager.

Based on the investment charter the investment plan is reviewed regularly, with specific attention to a strategic spread of resources, the tactical margin, the use of foreign currencies, regional spreading, derivatives, risk management and the emphasis on sustainability and socially sound enterprising are recorded.

Depending on the market the asset manager is allowed to let the strategic spread of resources fluctuate between 50/50 and 60/40 on the one side in shares and on the other side in values of alternative and fixed-interest.

Market profits and losses are visualized in the annual financial report and are, with a view to continuity, partly allocated to or withdrawn from an equalization reserve.