how do we do this?


For the Iona Stichting sustainability is not a goal in itself; we try to apply it in our daily activities.

For our office it means:
- We use low-energy and led light bulbs.
- We lunch with biological products.
- We use ecological cleaning products.
- At the end of the day we switch off all computers, printers, lights and the coffee machine.
- If possible we use e-mail for our communication; the post is used for official documents that need an original signature.
- We print in black and white; double-sided on environmental friendly paper.
- We travel to the office by public transport or on bicycle. For meetings outside the office we use the same way of transport as much as possible.
- We separate glass, paper and plastic.
- We prefer to buy products with a sustainability or fair-trade hallmark. 
- A company called De Dakdokters (Roof doctors) has installed our green roof. It supports the bees of Amsterdam and helps to keep the space below cool and well isolated.
- Via Double Dividend we invest in sustainable funds.