what do we do?


common denominator, Wassily Kandinsky

We support and develop various charitable initiatives that aim for development and renewal on a social, cultural and spiritual level.

More specifically we support:
• anthroposophy and its fields of attention: pedagogy, health care, care for the disabled,
   agriculture, natural science, eurythmy and active art observation; 
• the religious dimension of life;
• art, including architecture, monumental arts, garden and landscape architecture, music and
   the visual arts.

Good ideas should not be limited by borders. Therefore we work on an international level. Have a look at the project carousel to get an impression of the various initiatives we support.

Our activities have in common that they are inspired by a world view that strives for a coherence of both anthroposophy and art. This is the starting point for our management, our assessment of applications and our own initiatives.

It is our priority to stimulate the power of initiative.

The concrete and daily aim of the Iona Stichting is to combine supply and demand, in order to support projects that serve the needs of our time.

If you would like to have more information, please contact our office.