7 April 2018

annual meeting 2018

During the annual meeting in Amsterdam we discussed the annual report 2017 and the year theme ‘Moving Connections, Connecting Movements’ .

This is the beginning of the introduction in the annual report by director Ignaz Anderson:

Society changes constantly. Just like the seasons, it finds itself in a dynamics of change and development. The Iona Stichting wants to stand in the middle of those movement, offers a platfom, support and helps to connect. Last year we wrote our annual report around the theme: ‘Staying awake for what matters’: Each of us will notice that this is primarily an individual matter. Do I stay awake for what really matters? How do I know this; do I read this in newspapers, or do I get it from  radio, TV or social media? And if so, how do I read, listen or look? We help each other to stay awake; or even to wake up? Will I be lulled to sleep for what matters; am I manipulated by commercially-minded brain research, which gives me the impression that something definitely matters?