Sustainable society: symposium 2017

1917: Mondriaan and another artist from his time experienced that the world needed to be ‘reinterpreted’.
Even now the balance seems to be looking. We have become detached from the world as a whole. We need to reconnect the living relationships between the ecological, the social and the personal. How do we do that?

Together with creative minds like Tho Ha Vinh, director of the Center for Gross National Happiness, Gerald Häfner, co-founder of Die Grünen and Democracy International and Klaas van Egmond, Professor of Environmental Sciences and Sustainability, we look for the desired balance. What is there to do and what role is reserved for me?

The European civilization between East and West - The future of democracy

There is much talk about the strength of citizens’ initiatives, where the importance of human dignity and the care for the earth are central. Party politics seems less effective. What binds us? Is there an ethical compass that can make the voice of the citizen more social, transparent and sustainable? What needs to be done in the social field and what role can I play in this as a citizen of the world?

Together with Tho Ha Vinh, Gerald Häfner and Klaas van Egmond we looked at our role as responsible citizen and the significance and future of democracy.