All grants


Raad voor Integrale Duurzame Landbouw en Voeding (RIDLV): Presentatie RIDLV visierapport Drievoudige Gezondheid 2021-0137 | Nederland | Granted: € 3000
Agriculture & Nutrition a professional presentation of the research report threefold Health Care
De Seizoenarbeiders: De Seizoenarbeiders 2021-0136 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Society publicity for an attractive program for season workers in BD agriculture
Medical Section at the Goetheanum: International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) 2021 2021-0134 | Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, China, USA, Colombia, Mexico | Granted: € 10000
Healthcare general support for the International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) 2021
Stichting PianoFest: PianoFest Playground 2021-0129 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project the Pianofest Playground; workshops, masterclasses and educational projects for amateur pianists
Stichting Vrienden Dufayhuis: Cursus Positieve Gezondheid 2021-0128 | NL | Granted: € 5000
Healthcare A training positive health care for co-workers of the Dyfaya antrhoposphic health care centre in Amsterdam
Loon, J van: Niomon- A Portal, A Home 2021-0125 | Nederland en Japan | Granted: € 6000
Project the art project Niomon- A Portal, A Home
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Euritmietherapie : Jubileum 100 jaar Euritmietherapie 2021-0115 | Nederland | Granted: € 2150
Healthcare the organizatin of a conference to mark the 100 year jubilee of eurythmy therapy in the Netherlands
EthicFinance: ondersteuning voor een sociaal-economisch BD fruitteelt project in Sobisi, Georgie 2021-0112 | Georgia | Granted: € 3000
Agriculture & Nutrition support for the socio-economic BD orchard project; purchases to ajust to new hygiene- and safety regulations
Stichting Kwintessens: De Duizendkunstenaar van Lublin 2021-0111 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Project a music theatre performace with young amateur singers, based on the work of I. Bashevis Singer
Lemniscate Foundation: Ita Wegman Opleidingscentrum 2021-0105 | | Granted: € 2000
Healthcare general support for the school year 2021; eduation centre for curative- and social therapy in Russia
Theatre Studio of Eurythmy : Eurythmic Forum " MOVEMENT. MINDFULNESS. LIFE" 2021-0104 | Russland | Granted: € 620
Project participation in the Eurythmic Forum " MOVEMENT. MINDFULNESS. LIFE" 2021 in Yasnaya Polnaya
Claessen, juffrouw: Parallel laboratory 2021-0099 | België | Granted: € 1500
Project A video art installation; based on a change meeting on a BD farm; an invitation to a philosophical dialogue
Freunde der Erziehungskunst: Stupeni Waldorf School Odessa 2021-0097 | Ukraine | Granted: € 15000
Pedagogy Earmarked donation for energy saving measures for the school building
Stichting Kunst Vesting Heusden: Kruip in het hoofd van je moeder 2021-0096 | Nederland | Granted: € 3000
Project Crawl into your mother's head; an art project for children to help them process the past Covid-19 year
Internationaal Hulpfonds: Opleidingsbeurzen 2021-0084 | landen in Azië, Afrika en Latijns Amerika | Granted: € 10000
Education & Development the educational fund for Waldorf teachers which enables them to follow a certified Waldorf training.
School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum c/o Allgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft: het project 'Anthroposophy in the Present' 2021-0067 | Switzerland | Granted: € 21500
Society An initiative for anthroposophic public relations work by the Goetheanum leadership
Stichting Rudolf Steiner Vertalingen: In het Midden de Mens 2021-0063 | Nederland | Granted: € 12425
Project 'Man in the Middle'; an essay with translations of lectures of Rudolf Steiner for Waldorf School pedagogues
Stichting Dat Bolwerck: "Stil het tij"- i.k.v. de IJsselbiënnale 2021-0059 | Nederland | Granted: € 2500
Project 'Silence the Tide'; an exhibition in the cellars of the former battlements of the city of Zutphen
Stichting Hoe Dan Ook: Het Antwoord op Alles 2021-0052 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Project The Answer to Everything; a podcast series about existential questions
Stichting Euritmie Ensemble Nederland: Move:it 2021-0051 | Nederland | Granted: € 25000
Project Move:it; the start of a professional young eurythmy ensemble in the Netherlands
BINGN/Biodynamisk Forening i Norge: Steun voor jonge BD Boeren 2021-0050 | Norway | Granted: € 5000
Education & Development the BINGN Apprenticeship program; support for young BD Farmers in Northern Europe
Raphaëlstichting/Breidablick: Atelier Beeldend Breidablick 2021-0046 | Nederland | Granted: € 3500
Healthcare Atelier Breidablick; art lessons for people with a mental disability
LKG de Ploegh: Hemelladder 2021-0044 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Project 'Stairway to heaven' a spiritual modern art exhibition in the historical Francis and Hildegard meditative garden in Amersfoort
Stichting Hogeschool Leiden: Durf te leven! 2021-0039 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project The eurytmy performance 'Dare to live', made by students of the school
Hartkamp-Bakker, C.A. Dr.: The effect of Sudbury model schools on the life of its former students 2021-0032 | U.S.A., Israel, Nederland | Granted: € 10000
Science a doctoral research project: 'The effect of Sudbury model schools on the life of its former students'
A8: Groninger Spruitkool 2021-0030 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Agriculture & Nutrition a small scale BD research project ; making 'Groninger Sprouts' suitable for professional BD Farming
Louis Bolk Instituut: Systematisch onderzoek naar de veiligheid van antroposofische geneesmiddelen 2021-0029 | Nederland, Duitsland | Granted: € 15000
Healthcare ‘The safety of Anthroposophic Medicinal Products: a systematic review of clinical studies in patients'; a research project
Acte studio: Building Together 2021-0024 | The Netherlands ( Rotterdam) | Granted: € 2210
Project Buiding Together; a project around architecture, skills, beauty and sustainability
Stichting Bijbels Museum: Tijd en Eeuwigheid; poëzie in beeld en woord 2021-0020 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Project 'Time and Eternity-poetry in word and image' an exhibtion on 4 locations in the Netherlands
Betekenisvol Leven: Ethiek Revolutie e-festival 2021-0017 | Nederland | Granted: € 2500
Society the 'Ethics Revolution e-eFstival'; accessible information about making ethial choces in life
Stichting Guerrilla Gardeners: Bloeikaravaan - Nationale Zaaidag 22 april 2021 2021-0014 | Nederland | Granted: € 3000
Youth The Flowering Caravan project; children learn about bees and making flower bombs
Periodic Seminar in Russia: Periodic Seminar for teachers in Russian Waldorfschools. 2021-0009 | Russia | Granted: € 5000
Pedagogy General suport for the seminar. The purpose of "The Periodic Seminar" is to realize and further the aims (ideals) of Waldorf Pedagogy in Russia.
Museum Catharijneconvent: Maria Magdalena. De tentoonstelling 2021-0004 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Project the exhibition 'Mary-Magdalen'
Allgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft: Permanente tentoonstelling bouw van het eerste Goetheanum 2021-0003 | Schweiz | Granted: € 6000
Project the realization of the permanent exhibition 'Building of the first Goetheanum'
Vereniging voor Biodynamische landbouw en voeding: Preparaten onderzoeksgroep Vidar 2020-0402 | 5 boerderijen, zie bijlage | Granted: € 1350
Agriculture & Nutrition a research project concerning the effect of of cow dung preparations in spinach, using samples from different farmers
Tuin Moes: Bloeiende toekomst voor Tuin Moes 2020-0399 | nederland | Granted: € 2500
Agriculture & Nutrition Support fo the community Garden 'Tuin Moes'in Ossterwold, the Netherlands
Hogeschool Leiden, lectoraat Antroposofische Gezondheidszorg: Basisfinanciering Lectoraat Antroposofische Gezondheidszorg 2020-0390 | Nederland | Granted: € 0
Healthcare general support for
Stichting Organisatie Europarc Conferentie 2021: Project 'Jongeren inclusief - Europarc Conferentie 2021' 2020-0386 | Nederland | Granted: € 0
Youth the participation of young people in the international Europarc Conference 2021, which will be held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
Stichting Nederlands Studenten Kamerorkest: Nesko 2021 Schrijft verder 2020-0371 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project various projects of the student orchestra Nesko
Goetheanum, Youth Section : Development of the Youth Section 2021 2020-0364 | Switzerland, Schottland, England | Granted: € 33000
Youth Further development of the Youth Section in 2021
Studievereniging Hucbald: Herdenkingsproject "An English Farewell" 2020-0363 | Nederland | Granted: € 500
Project "An English Farewell" a commemoration concert on May the 4th with music from English composers
Crafts Council Nederland: De Borduurschool 2020-0360 | nederland | Granted: € 3500
Project the Crafts council Netherlands; a project to preserve and develop creative (international) embroidery techniques
Rudolf Steiner Zorg / Raphaelstichting: Antroposofische Scholing Rudolf Steiner Zorg 2020-2021 2020-0355 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Healthcare nthroposophical training voor co-workers or the Rudolf Steiner Care Institute
Kingfisher Foundation: Methode ontwikkeling voor Onderwijs, Kennis en Vaardigheden in de Antroposofische Geneeskunde 2020-0354 | Nederland | Granted: € 15000
Healthcare the project 'Method Development for Anthroposophic Health Care'
Lemniscate Foundation: Ita Wegman Opleidingscentrum 2020-0350 | Rusland | Granted: € 1800
Healthcare general support for the school year 2020; eduation in curative- and social in Russia
Nederlandse Vereniging van Antroposofische Zorgaanbieders (NVAZ): Bernard Lievegoed Onderzoekscentrum (BL-oc) 2020-0348 | Nederland en Vlaanderen | Granted: € 10000
Healthcare General support for the Bernard Lievegoed Research Centre
Nederlandse Vereniging van Antroposofische Zorgaanbieders (NVAZ): het AB-project 2020-0346 | Nederland | Granted: € 4000
Healthcare the realization of an accessible description of the essence of anthroposophical care in which the need of patients is leading.
St Volle Grond: Groene Voeten 2020-0344 | Nederland | Granted: € 4000
Project A theatrical walk in nature according to local stories and folklore. Theme: 'slowing down and uniting'
Momavlis Mitsa: Tweede fase BD bakkerij project ‘Au blé d’or’ 2020-0342 | Georgia (GUS) | Granted: € 5000
Agriculture & Nutrition the 2nd phase of the bakery project; furnishing the Bakery café and the shop in Tbilisi
SBI - Earth Charter Nederland: Kracht van Verbinding - Circles of 17 2020-0340 | Nederland en op Europees niveau | Granted: € 7500
Society the project 'Power of Connection - Circles of 17' organised by Earth Charter Netherlands
Stichting Historische Moestuinen Landgoed Amelisweerd: de inrichting van een muur-kas 2020-0334 | Nederland | Granted: € 4000
Agriculture & Nutrition the realization of a historical wall hot house on the Amelisweerd estate.
Living Landscapes: Taal voor de toekomst 2020-0333 | Nederland | Granted: € 2500
Project the creation of a new poetic - ecological language for man an the North sea
Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners: Tweede bijdrage aan het corona noodfonds 2020-0316 | Worldwide | Granted: € 20000
Pedagogy support for the COVID-19 Emergency Aid Fund for Waldorf schools
Dr. Monk (rechtsvorm: VOF en Foundation): Hoe Anansi het beest van klimaatverandering versloeg 2020-0315 | Ghana (in latere fase ook Suriname en Nederland) | Granted: € 3500
Humanitarian the project 'How Ananse killed the beast of climate change; holistic education for childeren in Ghana
Centre for Creative Education: Early Childhood Development Training 2021 2020-0313 | South Africa | Granted: € 10000
Pedagogy Training of ECD/Kindergarten carer teachers in the school year 2021
Stichting Wijsgerig Fesival Drift: Festival DRIFT 2021 2020-0312 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project the organization of the philosophy festival 2020, theme: 'In tune, out of step'.
Soil: Soil alfabetiseringsproject voor vrouwen 2020-0311 | Pakistan | Granted: € 5000
Humanitarian a vocational skills program to contribute to poverty reduction and literacy of women
Euregio Brassband: Brel & Brass 2021 2020-0305 | Nederland | Granted: € 500
Project a student brass band project with music of the French chansonnier Jacques Brel, concert in 2021
Stichting Uit Eigen Beweging: De Gedenkstonde 2020-0303 | Nederland | Granted: € 1500
Project an eurythmy project to commemorate the dead
Buijs, DGA: Promotietraject Daan Buijs 2020-0302 | Nederlands | Granted: € 10000
Science a doctoral research project. Theme: What do young people ask from educators in order to 'live their questions' in dialogue with the world
Stichting Bright Meadow: Bijenproject Zanzibar Steiner School 2020-0300 | Zanzibar, Tanzania | Granted: € 2000
Pedagogy an educational bee keeping project for the Rudolf Steiner School Zanzibar
Wolff, MJ de: Werkperiode aan De Ateliers 2020-0291 | Nederland | Granted: € 3500
Project a two year artist residency at the Ateliers, an international institute for talent development for young visual artists
Stichting Ensemble Illustre: Muziekproject 'Contra' 2020-0290 | Nederland | Granted: € 500
Project a student music program with sacred choir music from the time of the counter reformation, after the Council of Trente
Stichting CREA: ASBB Bigband Broadcast: Funky Fusion 2020-0284 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project an international student funk-fusion big band concert project
Centre for Creative Education: Kairos Eurythmy Training 2020-0282 | South Africa | Granted: € 8500
Project a BA training for eurythmy students
United Network of Young Peacebuilders: HAsian #Youth4Peace 2020 2020-0279 | Afghanistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar | Granted: € 2500
Youth a peace building project for young NGO's in Asia
Stichting Herfstcongres: Herfstsymposium 2020 2020-0274 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Society a symposium and open dialogue about the current corona crisis, seen from an anthroposophical perspective
NVAA: Publiciteitsfilm Kindertherapeuticum 2020-0266 | Nederland | Granted: € 4000
Healthcare a short film about anthroposophical health care within the Childrens Therapeuticum in Zeist, the Netherlands
BK-informatie: een tweedaags symposium over kunst in de openbare ruimte en de uitgave van een special edition 2020-0265 | Nederland | Granted: € 2500
Project A two days conference about art in public spaces
van den Akker, Gia: Projectgroep 2020-Move it (werktitel) 2020-0261 | Nederland maar streaming bereikt internationaal publiek | Granted: € 2500
Project An eurythmy choreography on music form Bach for the MImages Festival 2020 and the start of a new professional eurytmy ensemble
Stichting De Tegenfase: Stichting De Tegenfase Online 2020-0255 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Society an online learning environment for teachers and students
International Youth Initiative Program: YIP13 2020-2021 2020-0250 | Sweden | Granted: € 10000
Youth A 10 months residential entrepreneurship training for youth 18-28.
Phagoe, JS: Werkdocument Introspecties van agrariërs 2020-0243 | Nederland | Granted: € 2500
Project A work document for farmers, to pay attention to their problems and fears related to the current agricultural crisis
Academy for Integrative Medicine: ondersteuning AIM 2020 2020-0240 | nederland | Granted: € 20000
Healthcare improvement of the website and the back office; scientific research and the appointment of a health coordinator
100 jaar AG Eindhoven: 100 jaar AG eindhoven 2020-0239 | Nederland ,et verbinding internationaal | Granted: € 1500
Healthcare the celebration of 100 years Anthroposophical health care in Eindhoven
Medical Section at the Goetheanum: International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) 2020 2020-0237 | Switzerland, Russia, Columbia, Mexico, Malaysia and Romania | Granted: € 12000
Healthcare A worldwide continuing education program for doctors, medical students, therapists, nurses, pharmacists and curative educators
Stichting Het Huis van Betekenis: De Vleesvrije Stad 2020-0231 | Nderland | Granted: € 5000
Project The meat free city; An art project about the way we handle animals
Stichting AYPhi: AYPhil ondersteuning najaar 2020-0230 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project support for young musicians in the second half of 2020, necessary due to COVID-19 measures.
Fondation Constant: Constant 1 0 1 De podcast 2020-0229 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project archive research for a podcast series about the artist Constant Nieuwenhuys.
Coöperatie de Vrije Initiatiefschool: Specialisatie hoogsensitieve kinderen 2020-0227 | nederland | Granted: € 2500
Pedagogy Professionalization of the teachers of the department for highly sensitive children of the Talander Waldorf School
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Institute for Societal Resilience: Nothing about them without them - but how? 2020-0224 | Nederland | Granted: € 402
Society a social research project concerning co-creating with refugees on an equal base
Quo Vadis Eurythmie Impresariat: Opbouw van een existentiële-zekerheid-scheppende infrastructuur voor professionele euritmie 2020-0222 | Nederland, Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland | Granted: € 4500
Project a joint initiative to improve the conditions for stage eurythmy in the EU
Stichting Imagine Identity & Culture: Van Religieuzen Huize 2020-0215 | Nederland | Granted: € 2500
Society A dialogue project around the theme 'religion and feeling at home' iaimed at residents in Amsterdam South-East
Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners: Corona noodhulpfonds 2020-0199 | | Granted: € 20000
Pedagogy a COVID-19 Emergency Aid fund for anthroposophical initiatives and Waldorf schools
Louis Bolk Instituut: het project COVICAM: CAM use and lifestyle related changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-0178 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Healthcare a national pole to gather information about health behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic
True Animal Protein Price Coalition (TAPP) : Bevordering biologische landbouw en eerlijke prijzen in de EU en NL 2020-0173 | Nederland (met uitstraling naar de EU) | Granted: € 7000
Agriculture & Nutrition Promotion of Biodynamic Agriculture and ture pricing in the EU and the Netherland
Vrije Hogeschool: Bijdrage voor studenten van het (LAT) Liberal Arts Tussenjaar 2020/2021 2020-0168 | Nederland | Granted: € 35000
Education & Development Individual support for financial less robust students of the Liberal Arts Year 2020/2021
Jonge Strijkers en Blazers: Oude Meesters, Nieuwe Wegen 2020-0167 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
The Turn Club (van Stichting La Vie sur Terre): Academie voor Onderwijsvaardigheid 2020-0163 | NL | Granted: € 2500
Project an online academy where artists (school) students and others can communicate about abilities to deal with insecurity
Remonstrantse Gemeente Eindhoven: Glas in Lood Venster Erna van Osselen 2020-0161 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Studio Claudy Jongstra : Community Seed Bank for Colour (CSBC) 2020-0159 | Nederland, Duitsland, Zwitserland | Granted: € 2500
Agriculture & Nutrition vegetable biodynamic seeds for colouring; a campaign against genetically modified seeds and for the preservation of traditional native plants
Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners: WOW-Day 2020: „Your Day – Your Activity!” 2020-0158 | worldwide | Granted: € 5000
Youth The worldwide Waldorf School project WOW 2020
Thedinghsweert: Inrichting kleinschalig woonproject gerechtsgebouw Tiel 2020-0155 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Healthcare furnishing costs for a supported living project for young people in need of special care
World Goetheanum Association: Building the World Goetheanum Association 2020 - 2022 2020-0152 | Switzerland | Granted: € 10000
Society Development of the network of the association in the next three years
Bio-Stiftung Schweiz: 'Synthetische pesticiden, een vloek of een zegening?' 2020-0145 | Switzerland | Granted: € 5000
Agriculture & Nutrition 7 Expert presentations on "synthetic pesticides - curse or blessing?"
Helfrich, A.J.: promotieonderzoek Heidegger, Desoriëntatie en Ruimte' 2020-0141 | | Granted: € 4000
Science prolongation of a doctoral research titled 'Space, Desorientation and Heidegger'
De Jong, A.H. -: De tentoonstelling Mensbeeld 2020-0140 | Nederland | Granted: € 6000
Project Image of Mankind, an exhibition in which 15 contemporary artists, show their view on Mankind, now and in the future
Vereniging voor Biodynamische landbouw en voeding: Bewaren van het koemestpreparaat, Kwaliteitsonderzoek met behulp van stijgbeelden en chroma’s 2020-0135 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Agriculture & Nutrition A research project concerning the conservation of cow dung preparations using samples from different farmers
Taskforce Ontwikkelingsgericht Onderwijs: Taskforce Ontwikkelingsgericht Onderwijs 2020-0131 | Nederland | Granted: € 8000
Pedagogy The taskforce will discuss the change of the Netherlands educational system into a system that is sustainable and aiming for development
Sahabi, S: Daedalus 2020-0128 | Nederland | Granted: € 3500
Project A series of sulptures in which the tension between dreams and fear of failure will be made tangible
Antroposofische Vereniging (AViN): Antroposofie en Samenleving bij de AViN in 2020 2020-0093 | Nederland | Granted: € 30000
Society continuation of the support for the Anthroposophy & Society project in 2020
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Antroposofische Fysiotherapie: het project 'duurzame Inbedding'. 2020-0090 | NEDERLAND | Granted: € 10000
Healthcare the realization of a website and reearch about the use of rhythmical massage as a means to cure vitality complaints
Hogeschool Leiden: Onderwijsonderzoek lectoraat Waarde(n) van Vrijeschoolonderwijs, Hogeschool Leiden 2020-0087 | Nederland | Granted: € 30000
Pedagogy Basic financial support for the lectureship Value and values of Waldorf Education in 2020
Kaina Media: Een Zoektocht naar de Vrije Geest van de Mens 2020-0084 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Society A documentary about the 'Philosopy of Freedom' of Rudolf Steiner
Sutter, T Miss: International eurythmy conference 2020-0080 | Switzerland | Granted: € 2000
Project Participation of the graduates of the Kairos Eurytmy Training in the Goetheanum International Eurythmy Conference
Vereniging Worldconnectors: Lab voor Toekomstige Generaties (LabTG) 2020-0068 | Nederland | Granted: € 5000
Society To give future generations a voice and firmly anchor their interests in society
Internationale Spinozaprijs: Welkom in het parlement van de dingen, anders leren denken en handelen in tijden van klimaatcrisis 2020-0063 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Youth the project Welcome in the Parliament of Things; to make the work of philosopher Bruno Latour accessible for young people
Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi Nairobi: Books and General School Materials 2020-0061 | KENYA | Granted: € 3000
Pedagogy the purchase of books and other practical school materials for the Mbagathi Waldorf School in Nairobi
Justice and Peace Nederland: Cultureel Ambassadeurs voor verbinding 2020-0056 | Nederland | Granted: € 3000
Society a project to promote the activities and talents of cultural ambassadors
Paaschen-Louwerse, J.F.A. van: Biografie Marie Tak van Poortvliet 2020-0051 | Nederland, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Zwitserland | Granted: € 10000
Science a doctoral research concerning the biography of the artist Marie Tak van Poortvliet
Oudervereniging Waldorf aan de Werf: Interculturele projectgroep Waldorf aan de Werf 2020-0046 | Nederland | Granted: € 8000
Pedagogy support for a project group which will prepare the curriculum of the first intercultural Waldorf School in the Netherlands
Rudolf Steiner Archiv/Nachlassverwaltung: Der Rudolf Steiner Gesamtausgabe 2020-0035 | Switzerland | Granted: € 30000
Society Scientific and archival preparation of manuscripts A 250 and GA 251: Lectures of Rudolf Steiner concerning the theosophical and anthroposophical socie
Croon en Bergh / Raphaelstichting: Impuls voor de toekomst 2020-0033 | Nederland | Granted: € 2000
Healthcare Celebration of the 10the anniverarsary of the Croon en Bergh protected living facility, a.o. with a '12 senses walk' and a conference about youth care
Stichting Digitaal liedbundelarchief 2020-0024 | Nederland | Granted: € 4000
Pedagogy a digital archive to give teachers and children easy access to the vast repertoire of Waldorf songs
Private General-Education Institute Pedagogik of the Heart: Pedagogic Seminar Ufa 2020-0023 | Russian Federation | Granted: € 2400
Pedagogy a Waldorf Pedagogy Seminar for teachers, parents and other interested parites
Stichting Ave: Wooninitiatief Stichting Ave 2020-0019 | Nederland | Granted: € 3000
Healthcare support fo a small scale and protected living environment for a group of young adults with light mental disabilities
Goetheanum; Sektion für Landwirtschaft: The Agricultural Conference 2020 2020-0017 | Zwitserland | Granted: € 4000
Youth a grant to realize a reduced entrance fee for young participants in the agricultural conference
D.S.J.V. Groover: 'Jazz United 2020' 2020-0016 | Nederland | Granted: € 500
Project the 'Jazz United 2020' project of the Groover student Jazz society in Delft.
ÆTHER: Development of ÆTHER 2020-0014 | Switzerland and France | Granted: € 5000
Society th development an professionalization of the Aether website
Werkgroep Menswaardige Techniek: Een vertaling ten behoeve van Natuur en Techniek 2020-0013 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Society the translation of an article for the Nature and Tchnique website
ESMG Quadrivium: Het Elfde Lustrum van ESMG Quadrivium 2020-0011 | Nederland en België | Granted: € 1000
Project To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the ttudent music society eleven music project will be organised this academis year.
Kamerkoor NEXT: MINIMAL 2020-0005 | Nederland | Granted: € 750
Project a cooperation between chamber choir NEXT and two dancers
Groninger Studenten Muziekgezelschap Bragi: Matthäus-Passion door Bragi 2020-0002 | Nederland | Granted: € 1000
Project a performance of the Bach Matthäus-Passion by a student choir and orchestra