iona initiatives

A Iona Initiative is initiated by the General Board in a given year, in accordance with the articles of association, with a certain budget and must be completed within five years.

If that fails, the financial reservation for the project will be canceled. This statutory assignment has been very useful. The board members experience what is involved in initiating an actual project. This helps them in their assessment of project applications.

On this page you’ll find more information about the following Iona initiatives:

  • Antroposophy & Society
  • Living Architecture
  • Bernard Lievegoed Academic Network


The foundation uses the following format:

  • 2017: Education. Subject: 100 years Waldorf school
  • 2018: Health care. Health care conference, was  organized (online) in April 2021
  • 2019: The religious dimension of life. Apocalypse conference, spring 2022
  • 2020: Gardens, Landscaping and Agriculture. Execution is still being determined
  • 2021: Art. Execution is still being determined
  • 2022: Philosophy & Anthroposophy. Execution is still being determined

antroposophy & society

The project Antroposophy & Society promotes the subservience of anthroposophy to society. It supports organizations on an institutional level, with emphasis on matters concerning leadership and the personal spiritual development of executives.

Clarine Campagne is project leader. She organizes learning discussions and peer groups for executives; the year course Anthroposophy and work; Theory U days, and is contact person for umbrella organizations.

living architecture

Because of the Iona Architectural Year 2000, the exhibition Organic Architecture, Man and Nature as an inspiration for building in an organic way was created in close collaboration with architect Pieter van der Ree. Meanwhile, the exhibition has been shown in various places.

The exhibition tries to make ideas visible with which the architecture can be renewed. Current themes such as ecological, sustainable and social are placed in a broader context. Culturally certain building traditions from various countries can be transformed in a contemporary way.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive German and Dutch catalogus with the title: Organic architecture, people and nature as a source of inspiration for building and a current English brochure Living Architecture Balancing Nature, Culture and Technology: both written by Pieter van der Ree.

For more information, please visit the Living Architecture website or ask our office

bernard lievegoed academic network

The Bernard Lievegoed Academic Network is a donor-advised fund and focuses on scientific research and education.

The network stimulates contact between scientists and stimulates scientific research.

Members of the Bernard Lievegoed Academic Network are invited to a number of annual meetings to discuss current topics.

The board of the Iona Stichting is formally responsible and appointed a curatorium, currently consisting of professors Klaas van Egmond and Jaap Sijmons.


more information?

For more information about a Iona Initiative, please contact the office: +31206233353 or