support from the iona stichting?

You can apply for support when you recognize yourself in our view and working method.


Promoting the power of initiative is the core of our mission. We provide financial support for projects, research and other initiatives for development that are in line with our statute.

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The Iona Stichting aims to support and develop various charitable initiatives that aim for development and renewal on a social, cultural and spiritual level. More specifically we support:

  • Agriculture & Nutrition
  • Culture
  • Eurythmy
  • Health care
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Youth
  • Pedagogy
  • Scientific research
  • Social projects
  • Education & Development

In its decisions the Board is inspired by anthroposophy, but is not restricted by this source of inspiration.

various kinds of support

The Iona Stichting offers support for three kinds of applications:

working method

In the office the content of your request will be assessed. The director decides which applications will be put on the agenda for the board meeting. Requests for support that do not fit our criteria will not be on the agenda for the board and you will be notified by email.

As a rule the Executive Board of the Iona Stichting meets once a month.